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Invisalign comprehensive treatment

Aligners are a popular alternative to metal braces, boasting comfort and less visibility. A unique set of aligners is designed for each patient, gently moving the teeth into place. Aligners do not require as frequent visits and are free of the discomfort that comes with the tightening of metal braces. Aligners are suited to all ages, from young children to adults. We can create a beautiful smile at any age! Schedule your complimentary consultation today and see if you’re a candidate for clear aligners.

Express Clear Aligners

Not every smile requires major changes. Express cases are shorter in length and are ideal for those looking to make minor adjustments to achieve the perfect smile. You can improve your smile in 6 months or less! You can schedule a consultation today to see if express clear aligners are right for you.


High Tech Braces

Braces are the most well-known type of orthodontic treatment. They have evolved to be more comfortable, more effective, and less noticeable. You can choose from the usual metal brackets, or you can upgrade to clear ceramic brackets. While the clear ceramic brackets are less noticeable, metal brackets come with colored elastics that give your changing smile a personal touch.

High Tech Lingual Braces

What if you could straighten your teeth without anyone knowing you had braces? Braces work 24/7 and now they can be completely invisible. InBrace® is an ingenious new treatment that straightens your teeth along the inside. The Smartwire® is connected to the back of the teeth, truly hidden from view. You will see results in just a few weeks!

Early Treatment

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that young children have their first orthodontic evaluation around age 7. This visit checks if your child has any biological, functional, or space issues with their teeth and jaw. It is not often that a child will require early treatment, but sometimes it is necessary to correct problems early on.

In cases where it is needed, early treatment prevents severe complications from developing. Children who do not require treatment will have annual appointments to keep track of growth and determine if future treatment is needed.

Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics is the correction of severe abnormalities in the development of the maxilla and mandible. Dr. Gutierrez has extensive experience in Surgical Orthodontics and will work with an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon to create a customized plan for you.

3D Scanner

The iTero scanner is making messy dental impressions a thing of the past. The scanner uses the latest technology to create a 3D digital impression of your teeth within a matter of minutes. This information allows us to more easily plan your treatment, order appliances, and check on your progress.


3D Printer

3D printing has opened up so many avenues that were previously thought impossible. It has revolutionized production of materials in the field of orthodontics. This ground-breaking technology allows us to fabricate study models and clear aligners in-house. We are the only orthodontic office in Southern New Mexico with a dedicated 3D printing lab. At Gutierrez Orthodontics we are always happy to invest in technology that helps us to better assist our patients.


Digital X Rays

Better information leads to better results. With our digital x-rays, we’re able to get far more detailed information than a traditional x-ray can deliver, with a small fraction of the previous exposure time. We want to provide you with the safest, most efficient technology available.


Digital Facial analysis

Dr. Gutierrez’s treatments are focused on complete facial esthetics. Our orthodontic diagnosis starts with a set of digital photos and a facial analysis to evaluate how your smile could be improved by our treatment. Using these images, Dr. Gutierrez can recommend additional procedures to enhance your smile like cosmetic gum recontouring or professional dental whitening.


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