Getting Started

First Visit

At your first visit, Dr. Gutierrez and the GO team will spend some time getting to know you. First, we will take a few photographs and x-rays to give us an idea of what options we can offer you. Dr. Gutierrez will thoroughly go over the treatment options, timing of each and the next steps to take. In addition, our coordinator will go over all financial details with you. We will review your insurance coverage and payment plans available. Feel free to ask our GO team any and all questions during this time.
Finally, any patient who wishes to begin treatment with Invisalign or braces may start the very same day of the consultation.

3D Technology

We take pride in being a fully digital practice, as this means we can provide an overall better experience and comfort at every appointment. Our modern X-ray machines, scanners and cameras provide us with amazingly accurate images of both your teeth and jaws to enhance our diagnosis. Our digital scans can be 3D printed into a model that will help Dr. Gutierrez create a customized treatment plan, fabricate clear aligners or make clear retainers for you.

Virtual consultation

For the sake of your convenience, we are proud to offer virtual consultations. Even before your first appointment, we would be happy to answer your questions and give you estimates. As long as you have a smartphone or a digital camera, we are ready to meet you. Call us or text us to set up your virtual consultation.


Just as each smile is different, treatments prices will vary based on each person’s needs. To make your smile financially attainable, we provide affordable pricing and payment plans for everyone. On your first visit, we will clearly outline the estimate of treatment costs and your options for payment or financing. We will do our best to incorporate any dental insurance you have available. We want to give you the best smile for the best price.

Health History Form

Every good plan needs a strong foundation. In order to create the best treatment plan for you, we ask that you fill out our Health History Forms. This information will help shape the course of your treatment.