Lingual Orthodontics

How does InBrace® work?

InBrace® is a system that is very efficient at treating malocclusions including spacing crowding, overbite, underbite, and open bite. To begin treatment with InBrace®, we start by performing a digital scan of your teeth. The images obtained from the digital scan will be translated to a 3D image which will be a digital mold to manufacture your custom smart wire. The wire is customized to shift your teeth as planned by Dr. Gutierrez. Once the smart wire has arrived, Dr. Gutierrez will attach the braces to the back of your teeth with the help of an indirect bonding tray. Once the braces are secured to your teeth, the wire is added. The entire process is completed in 1 hour.

InBrace® is preferred by many patients because the system works around the clock and requires fewer visits than compared to traditional braces. You can eat and drink all of your favorite treats and you won’t ever have to remove your appliances. You can also brush your teeth the same way you normally would.

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